Energy Health Coach

What is an energy health coach?

A health coach (also called a wellness coach) is a teacher or mentor who guides others in making more healthful food and lifestyle choices. As an energy health coach, I help my clients with these same issues – but with a different perspective and unique approach.

We all know what to do to live a more healthful lifestyle: Eat less. Move more. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

If it is so simple, why don’t we “just do it”?

The fact is, the totality of life (career, physical fitness levels, relationships, stressors, spirituality) determines our health, not just the food that we eat.

As an energy health coach, I address the whole person by helping each client recognize which areas of life are requiring more of their energy  – the reason they have no energy left to give their health any attention – and provide them with tools to access some of that energy so they can make small, sustainable changes toward their health goals. Motivation flows more easily from these quick wins and helps build momentum toward bigger successes.

My holistic approach helps each client to:

  • identify their stress triggers
  • recognize their body’s responses to these triggers
  • make friends with their body and its responses
  • learn simple methods to counteract the effects of stressors
  • gain control of their health and well-being using their inner wisdom

In organizations, this translates to:

  • recognizing the underlying culture norms for stress
  • identifying areas for supporting stress management within the organization
  • supporting efforts to counteract stressors in the environment
  • designing implementation of measures to support overall organizational wellness and manage the change within the culture