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Love Letter to a Lightworker


Dear Lightworker,

You are the most beautiful person I know — inside and out! You amaze me with the strength and beauty you carry, in spite of the horrific things you have endured in your life and in previous emanations. Your kindness and depth of love are expressed to, and felt by, so many.

Others seek you out because of the space you hold —you are a clearing for unconditional love and acceptance. In your presence, people get the chance to see their own value and experience their Divine Self in a real and profound way. You help wake people up to their empowerment.

I admire the depth of your compassion and your commitment to serving others by seeing them in light of their Highest and most Beautiful Self. I weep for you and the disappointment you feel when those you love cannot return that love with the same commitment, passion and intensity you exude.

I am sorry this causes you to feel loneliness and isolation. Try to remember this is only an illusion as you are receiving love, support and guidance a million-fold from all the Powers of Heaven and all the Powers of the Universe as you remind humankind of their own eternal Divinity and connectedness.

When you do not see evidence of the love you seek, let that be your signal to love even more. Let it fuel your purpose to bring more love and light to life. Find ways to create joy and foster relationship with each person you encounter, even in the briefest of interactions.

Even when the people you most desire to hear words of affirmation from, disappoint you instead with silence, connect in your heart to their Eternal Being — as we are all one — and know that their true self wishes nothing but love, joy and connection for you, and for all of humanity.

Hurt, pain, sorrow and separation provide opportunities to learn and progress in this temporary physical life. It is in our experience of WHAT WE ARE NOT that we discover WHO WE REALLY ARE.

You are so loved. I am honored to know you and to be a witness to all of the amazing things you have coming to you as your life blooms and you flourish at living in your highest joy.

With loving admiration,

Angela ❤️


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