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A Healer’s Job Is Not to Heal

As a healer, one of the most important concepts I try to help my clients understand is that I am not going to heal them. No healer actually heals.

Wait…what? Then why do we call them “healers”?

Healers help people to heal themselves. We help facilitate their healing process, help to remove blocks to a person’s healing, and remind them of what they already know in their higher consciousness. Sometimes this includes interacting with non-physical beings such as angels, ascended masters, spirit guides and other enlightened beings who assist in the process.

Because each person is in charge of his or her own healing, the rate of healing is dependent on how ready that person is for it and how willing they are to allow it.

Now you may need to go to a doctor for what ails you (if in doubt, go!) but nobody has to go to a healer to get healed. However, that being said, healers have have been shown to be effective.

According to the Washington Post, there are currently over 60 hospitals in the United States that offer reiki services to their patients and over 800 hospitals who offer reiki education.

No matter where your healing journey takes you, remember you are in charge of your health and well-being. Trust your gut feelings. Always get a second opinion or talk to another practitioner (medical or non-medical) if something does not feel or sound right to you. Know thyself!


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